Friday, 6 January 2017

Staffordshire New Charges for Non-Household Waste

Small charges to cover the cost of recycling non-household waste will be introduced tomorrow, November 1st at Staffordshire’s household waste recycling centres.
Certain waste generated by DIY, home improvements or extensive landscaping of gardens, such as soil and rubble, or sinks and toilets, or plasterboard, is not legally regarded as household rubbish and we will be making a small charge to cover the cost of processing it.
A big bag of soil and or rubble, or a sink or toilet, will cost £3; plasterboard will cost £4 per sheet or big bag; and tyres will cost £4 each.
The centres will continue to take domestic waste free of charge. This includes materials like hedge clippings or a few tree branches, mattresses, electrical appliances and household furniture.