Monday, 11 July 2016

Service Families Section of RBL CivvyStreet Website

Please note: 
There is a  Service Families section of the CivvyStreet website.

The Royal British Legion's CivvyStreet service recognises 
that having a family member in the Armed Forces 
can present unique civilian
 employment hurdles for the rest of the family. 
With that in mind, we have developed a new section on the website to 
highlight the services we offer to the partners/spouses and 
working age dependents of anyone who is serving or has served 
in the British Armed Forces.


Partners/spouses and working age dependents have access
 to all of the employment services on the CivvyStreet site,
 which include:
  • CivvyStreet Jobs
  • 150+ free learndirect training courses
  • CivvyStreet Careers Advice service
  • CivvyStreet Funding Advice service
  • Employment Support Grant funding
  • CivvyStreet online CV builder
  • CivvyStreet Virtual Careers Fairs
  • Access to entire CivvyStreet knowledge base


Partners, spouses and working age dependents
 can register with CivvyStreet by clicking here. 
Please note, they will need their family member's Service number.