Monday, 11 July 2016

Hop-A-Croc Board Game for Service Children

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Hop-A-Croc is a child’s version of The Ministry of Defence’s Strategy and
 Improvement Plan, which underpins the work of the 
Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP).

Hop-A-Croc is a straight forward board game designed for children
 aged 6 years of age and above, where players need to cross a 
river avoiding crocodiles and electric eels.

The cards in the game are based on 5 of the 6 DCYP priority areas 
(Staying Safe, Exciting Learning, Being Heard, Healthy Lifestyles, 
Moving and Parents Working Away) and pose questions to be used 
when an adult is playing along. There are no right or wrong answers 
and the questions are designed to generate conversation between the players.

Hop-A-Croc aims to help Service children share with their non-Service peers
 some of their experiences and thoughts; which in turn may help to develop
 a deeper understanding of issues and challenges frequently faced by 
Service children, such as moving to a new school or home which happens
 to some Service children more frequently than their non-Service peers 
and friends, or how they feel when a parent is working away from home.

Games are still available to schools from their local HIVE